about iABRAHAM.co


iAbraham.Co contemporary urban outreach is a creative cultural initiative to the homeless, addiction and incarceration communities. iABraham.Co articulates modern forms of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as dialogue for reconciliation, restorative social justice and repair of our broken but beautiful world. iAbraham’s not-for-profit (Abrahamic) Interfaith-based collective of inspired designers, artisans and trade professionals, musicians and ecumenist spiritual architects creates contemporary street-vibe expressions, cool cultural gear for the urban desert and city grind. Harnessing the hospitality of Abraham’s tent, iAbraham.Co strives to better the lives of our homeless and disenfranchised. iAbraham.Co’s revenues directly benefit our recipient charities and philanthropic initiatives that feed, clothe and give compassionate care to New York City’s poor while also maintaining iAbraham’s elHombre and pRisen programs. iAbraham.Co assists our European partners in gradually empowering impoverished South American townships through the NGO www.tear.nl/en, additionally ministering to local Latino communities in Sante Fe, New Mexico. iAbraham.Co gives voice to the poor, spiritually destitute and dispossessed economically engaging help for urban communities through social entrepreneurship and radical hospitality.

  "Whatever you did for the least of these you've done for me" MT 25:45

Downtown Manhattan to historic Harlem, iAbraham invites the spiritually bereft to God’s banquet table. Because we know the least of these strangers–from grimey ghettos, ramshackle border-town street artists to hiphop renegades are often ‘angels unaware’. Passionately and provocatively–iAbraham hiphop artists and creative connoisseurs strive to revitalize communities and cultures. Working together for compassionate, real reconciliation of our faiths, building new communities advocating reconciliation, redemption and restoration. iAbraham.Co’s exclusive music and design, and our guild of visual, film and video artists offer philanthropy in the language of the street, where human endeavor and spiritual inspiration catalyze communities from being downtrodden, to becoming spiritually inspired, innovatively reconnected to faith. Renewed in relationship to God.

iAbraham.Co urban outreach and creative cultural initiative mixes a mission of living intimately

by God’s grace and striving to give contemporary voice to Abraham’s covenantal worldview of radical hospitality. Engaging designers, musicians, fine artists and (Abrahamic) Interfaith architects, iAbraham.Co creates revitalized urban realities for the poor and destitute by re-envisioning God’s word and work in the world.

As an Interfaith initiative bringing together brilliant beatmakers and emC’s, artists and trades professionals

in the Abrahamic faiths, iAbraham.Co urban outreach strives to create modern expressions of inner spiritual life spanning our Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. Digital media and technologies’ unparalleled access allows iAbraham.Co to create and combine music and spirit, design arts, film and video forging them into new paradigms of restorative justice and modern reconciliation, conduits for reconnection to life in the Spirit. iAbraham.Co urban outreach focuses on serving the least of these–our spiritually disenfranchised, downtrodden and dispossessed brothers and sisters also made in God’s image.

iAbraham.Co celebrates the City’s rough-edged creativity, engaging artistic innovation with raw results and cool concoctions. Hardknocx envoys from Manhattan to Mecca, hip purveyors and swag products–emCs from the hood spittin’ Godly rhymes for a common spiritual good. Arab music or socially conscious spoken-word, Jewish hipsters from the holy lands to Harlem and beatmakers in Brooklyn; Christian Gospel rap and holy hip-hop come together in iABRAHAM.Co's virtual bedouin bazaar. Crossroads and center of common ground. iAbraham.Co not-for-profit partners with these underground elements and cultural ambassadors, working to create something new of our cities, birth, life and death. Imbuing urban dwellings with our core identity and as inheritors of Abraham’s legacy, we're universal travelers at a globally intersecting nexus. iAbraham.Co invites design in dialogue through music engaging the Abrahamic faiths toward repairing our broken, beautiful world.