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iABRAHAM.co is blessed with partnerships and ministry affiliations with Partners across the spectrum of places that usually divide us–social, economic, racial and cultural affiliations with people who care about God's greater gift of humanity and a return to the Garden for all of us. Please check out the amazing and rich work our partners are doing in addition to their collaborations with iABRAHAM.co

Honest 2 goodness SoulFood HipHop


ILLECT RECORDINGS features some of the most globally respected HIPHOP and Holy Culture artists working in the industry. Josh Niemyjski (also known as Plastic) started ILLECT Recordings in April 2003, after his departure from the Uprok Records as the Artist & Repertoire manager. Niemyjski had worked for Uprok from 2001-2003. He is also the founder of the Sphereofhiphop.com and Sphere of Hip Hop Records which was the first label he started in 1999. Since starting ILLECT RECORDINGS the label has grown to encompass a wide array of Underground, Alternative and cross-over mainstream emcees with profound love for God and unparalleled artistry in Christ-centered HipHop.

Web design and development

45royale is an experienced web design studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2006, they've launched over 500 web sites and have been published in industry-leading books and magazines. They believe that quality design, hard work, and communication are the keys to solving their client's business needs. They take pride in giving their clients an effective, high-quality product. Whether you need a brief marketing site, a custom application, or anything in between, 45royale has got you covered.

Revolutionary Socially Conscious HipHop

السلام هو ديني، الموسيقى هي سلاحي
La Paix est ma Religion; La Musique est mon Arme. 
Morocco-based, active mainly in Africa and Europe, our structure is intended to be a promotional body and booking agent for hip hop artists and associated projects. We have a wide network of contacts and partners in the press, media, and music. Visibility is provided for artists. The modern means of communication such as social networking and email newsletters are also our specialty. Peace is my Religion supports revolutionary and socially conscious hip hop through a unifying and universal concept.

- Peace is my Religion: The word "Peace" is common and fundamental to all faiths. This is a reply to those who associate violence with religions

- Music is my Weapon: This sentence advocates for rappers who use music as their only weapon to combat social injustice, they are the voice for the millions who don’t have one. Music is an art, but in addition to being purely entertainment, it can also broadcast a message, emotion, and educate the listener.

Narratives and snapshots from Harlem's HipHop

New Jersey Native Kyle Rapps began recording a song with one his top influences and heroes in Hip Hop, the Teacher himself Blast Master KRS ONE-it was easily a full circle move for him. “I used to study his song structures, rhyme patterns and live shows,” remembers Kyle. After featuring KRS ONE on the Buzz worthy “RENT” single and video, under the name Black Skeptik, Kyle began to gain the attention of press, TV and radio nationwide. Kyle describes his music as witty and youthful yet insightful and catchy. “Hip Hop is about stories and connecting the dots, some of the stories can be meaningful and still be fun and appealing. I rarely ever write a song that I can’t relate to in some way, shape, or form. My music will always reflect who I am.”

Like Love Love? Then you’ll love Love Love 2 (Air Redux). The sequel to a fan favorite, Kyle Rapps’ latest mixtape single finds the Re-Edutainment emcee dropping some serious knowledge alongside Homeboy Sandman and hip-hop legend KRS-One.

Indie label producing global music, showcasing diverse artists with positive and unifying messages

Shemspeed is an independent recording label & promotional agency devoted to producing and developing dynamic multi-cultural artists and interactive media. Founded by Erez Safar, an American-Israeli DJ/Producer, Shemspeed promotes dynamic artists representing a wide range of genres including hip-hop, reggae, and rock.  Y-Love (revolutionary Jewish hip-hop), Diwon (Yemenite / Sephardic hip-hop, Global beats), DeScribe (soul-awakening dancehall, hip-hop, & soul), and Electro Morocco (Israeli rock, dance music.) Shemspeed artists, collectively showcasing the diversity in world Jewish music, have performed with musicians as varied as Snoop Dogg, Lou Reed, Idan Raichel and Eminem; they’ve been profiled in Rolling Stone, SPIN, The New York Times and XXL; and they’ve been seen and heard around the world on various TV appearances (Conan O’Brien, CBS and BBC World) and global radio. Shemspeed’s mission is unifying people through culture and education, celebrating diversity and common ground. Our work adds a public Jewish voice to multi-cultural, inter-faith, creative and collaborative bridge-building.

Christian|Ethno-indigenous musical group with roots in South American rhythms and love of Celtic music

Trinity is a band of 4 young talented musicians from the Netherlands. Three of Trinity's members, the Smelt brothers spent their childhood in Peru. Their South American up-tempo musical roots together with their love for Celtic music are the ingredients of Trinity's passionate songs. Their first album, 'Inicio,' was released in October of 2007 and was enthusiastically received by audiences and critics. Trinity continued to develop as a band and in the summer of 2008, won a band battle for the Netherlands’ biggest Christian broadcasting agency, the EO. This formed the onset for their second album ‘Cada Dia’ which they recorded in January 2009. ‘Cada Dia’ mixes the Peruvian roots and Celtic influences with African beats and up-tempo grooves. They have a strong live performance that makes the crowd swing, sing along and dance. In the summer of 2010 Trinity played at the mainstage of the biggest Dutch ‘Xnoizz Flevo festival’. They also played as a support act for ‘NewWorldSon’ (Canada), ‘IONA’ (UK) and ‘Sons of Korah’(Australia). They have recorded 4 albums and sold over 30 000 cd’s. TRINITY are also Ambassadors for http://www.tear.nl/en  The band travels back to Central and South America regularly to bring the Good News to those in desperate circumstances with a passion for Faith and the unique message and person of Jesus, and to all who are disenfranchised and destitute.

Vibe Mother Teresa with tattoos and Earrings

Dirty Vagabond Ministries and RIGHTEOUS B; think Mother Teresa with earrings and tattoos.” 'Righteous B' Bob Lesnefsky says “it’s youth ministry to the inner-city church… We come into a city and make a long-term commitment to that city. We place two urban missionaries there that live among the people. The style of ministry they do we call incarnational ministry; they’re not waiting for people to sign up or show up. They’re going out to them, hitting the streets, and really everything happens in the context of that relationship. When me and my wife started doing youth ministry, we ended up at an inner-city parish in New York. I didn’t realize how urban it was. About a year into it, we found ourselves in just a whole mess of problems with police there all the time, violence. We were about to quit and leave but something happened where our hearts were changed and we really fell in love with that kind of kid and we felt this is what we wanted to do with our lives.

Sulha Soup Nutz 'N Boltz HipHop

Hip Hop Sulha series performances were conceived by Diwon and social entrepreneur, community activist Daniel ‘Mobius’ Sieradski. These two came together over the idea of reinventing the concept of the traditional Arab sulha (reconciliation) by bringing leading Jewish and Muslim hip-hop musicians together to celebrate peace and religious tolerance via the performing arts. In the past, the series has hosted Hadag Nachash, Saz, Sagol 59, and DJ Spooky, among others.

Music is my M16 My Songs are My Bullets

SAZ is a native of Ramle, Israel, a predominantly Palestinian Arab city known for its excessive crime and poverty. Transcending the violence plaguing his people and his city, SAZ chose hip hop as a means to overcome, stating, "If I didn't have music, I'd probably be in the streets selling drugs and getting shot..." SAZ was inspired to write hip hop rhymes by third grade Arabic teacher. He began performing publicly at the age of 16 and has since become a prominent figure in the Palestinian hip hop scene. SAZ rhymes in Arabic/English and is widely hailed for his beatbox technique. He has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and CNN, as well as countless hip hop media such Afripop and BPM. After touring relentlessly-performing throughout Europe, the United States, and across Palestine and Israel, critics and music fans are taking notice. SAZ uses rap music to deliver a message to his fellow Palestinians, to fight for their right for national identity, to remember their history and to take pride in their Palestinian nationality. SAZ also sees his music as a powerful tool for building bridges between people and fighting ignorance and apathy across the entire world. SAZ also knows that one of his greatest opportunities to help his people is to be an ambassador to the rest of the world. He abhors racism in all its forms and knows that change must be built from the grassroots, where people come together and see each other as equals.

Revolution in Rhymes

Khaled Ahmed is 26-year-old, U.S.-born Libyan-American better known as the rapper Khaled M. His father, Mohamed Ahmed (a poet and revolutionary) and mother, Wafa Nashnoush, spent most of their lives protesting the Gadhafi regime. Currently Chicago-based, Khaled is a hip hop artist who was born into the struggle. He has been the reigning Chicago Urban Music Awards “Lyricist of the Year” has been featured on CNN, ABC World News, Yahoo! News, BBC, Complex Magazine, NPR, Rolling Stone and others. With an international fan base and a live show setting stages ablaze he is listed as one of CNN’s “Most Interesting People” and continues to be a voice for socially conscious change-agents here and abroad.

Blended Backgrounds and Thick Beat Hebrew HipHop

Shtar in Hebrew translates to the word "contract", the foremost indicator of acquisition in Jewish law. The group Shtar consists of a producer/songwriter (Binyamin Adam), a hip hop lyricist (Ori M'Ori), a vocalist (Dan Issac), a bass player (Avi Sommers) and a drummer (Tzvi Solomons). The unlikely team met while studying in a rabbinical college in Jerusalem. With an orthodox change of lifestyle and an unorthodox change of location, both culminating in the Holy City of Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh, the Shtar squad have blended their original backgrounds and styles to make thick beats with deep spiritual and politically charged lyrics that has the power to acquire any listener.

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RhemaSoul is innovative to the core. Internationally acclaimed for fusing hiphop, soul and pop, RhemaSoul blends substance and pop sensibility, originality and persistence. These qualities have allowed RhemaSoul to create their own path\endash never waiting on an industry to dictate or steer their vision. Their intense conviction and desire to offer art with a message continually proves an inspiration to colleagues and fans alike. Fingerprints, RhemaSoul’s genre-defying third album (2010) took them worldwide, positioning the group to mainstream audiences and solidifying their place in today’s music ethos. RhemaSoul’s fourth album, RED features production from Dove Award winning producer Andy Anderson (Group One Crew, Toby Mac) and affiliates Rey King and A.D. (Heart Official). RED proves to be RhemaSoul’s strongest and most commercially accessible album to date. It features vocal stylings from Ryan Stevenson, Shonlock, Jai, Benjah, and Thi’sl, respectively. Solo artists and together, RhemaSoul’s evolution inspires people. With passion as their vehicle RhemaSoul’s vibe continues to fuel the music scene’s heart and soul.

Revolutionary Beats Building Bridges Not Walls; This is Unity

Undeniably one of the decade's most dynamic artists and crossover success, Y-Love (Yitz Jordan) has made a name for himself as a hip-hop artist, multicultural educator, conflict resolver, fashionista, activist for social change, and political pundit, in six short years. Yitz Jordan (Y-Love) is an award-winning inspirational hip-hop artist whose compelling personality and multilingual musical talents have received worldwide acclaim from New York to Ukraine. An Orthodox Jew for ten years, Yitz's unique perspectives on Jewish identity and cross-cultural relations have captivated hearts and minds at schools, theatres, and various houses of worship worldwide. His unique musical style, blending holy tongues such as ancient Aramaic and Hebrew, Arabic, Yiddish and Latin over ethnic and futuristic urban beats was called the "soundtrack to social progression" byURB Magazine.

HipHologetics; Rap for God's Glory

Founded in 1997, Hazakim (Hebrew for “strong ones”) consists of emcees/producers, Michael and Anthony, who also happen to be blood brothers. Due to an upbringing in the Messianic Jewish movement, as well as multicultural roots which include Jewish ancestry, their sound possesses a trademark Hebrew influence which sets them apart from other hip-hop artists. Living by their motto, the charge of Rav Sha’ul (Paul) in II Timothy 4:2, “preach the Word, be urgent in season and out of season; convince, rebuke, and exhort – be unfailing in patience and in teaching”, using the medium of hip-hop culture and through the scriptures they strive to convince the non-believer of the Messiahship of Jesus and their need for Him as Redeemer and Lord, encourage and admonish the believer to trust the Word of God in faith and knowledge, and adhere to the sound doctrine taught by the Lord and his disciples.

Renaissance Rap's Resurgence

Eprhyme (pronounced E-prime) is a Renaissance Rapper, representing a profound resurgence of depth and dope within an all too often formulaic, uninspired and commercialized art form. Through his collage-like and kaleidoscopic approach to Culture and Consciousness, Eprhyme is constantly and creatively crossing boundaries of substance, sound and style. After spending nearly a decade in the trenches of D.I.Y. Heartland and Underground Mecca, Olympia, WA, where he independently released 4 ground-breaking albums with the 'Saints of Everyday Failures' while working tirelessly as an Artist, Educator, Promoter and Community Organizer, Eprhyme made the move to Brooklyn, NY where he now works and plays with some of the most exciting contemporary ethno-indiginous Jewish, World, Hip Hop, Jazz and Indie musicians.

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Dirt (Jeremiah) was born in Chicago and raised in San Diego. Accustomed to street life, violence and homelessness as a youth, he often found solace in music. In the beginning it was what surrounded him, Hip Hop. His early teens were spent as a member of the infamous crew 'Crayola' as a Bboy, where he had already begun developing the competitive attitude that would later define his music. Dirt's career and vision spans 15 years. From Plague to A War to Restore and Heavy Manners and currently the Upsetter Mixtape, Dirt consistently delivers remarkable, sincere, revealing and heartfelt music that seems to ripen with age. Not your average hiphop artist, Dirt surrounds the listener with provocative, God-centered music that is felt to the bone. From his vicious battle raps (directed towards the secular-minded who think Christ Emcees are weak) to his emotionally charged topical songs, Dirt is a force to contend with. He fearlessly approaches hard topics in a revealing way leading to very satisfying music. This is only matched by his undeniable respect for his culture of hiphop in creating relevant music. Lastly, his 'non Holier-than-thou' approach to music and ministry has created an awesome fanbase and drawn extremely talented musicians to the 'Locust' vision. Recorded on hundreds of songs through his own releases, features on other artists' albums, mix tapes, EP's and freestyles - Rest assured this envelope-pushing MC works hard to please the eardrums and encourage the soul.

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Many artists crave the spotlight, but few know what to do with it. In 2004 Hasan Salaam separated himself from the music industry's status quo. The Jersey-bred MC was voted the winner of FUSE TV's "Hip Hop President" contest--Victory brought the opportunity to perform live for millions of viewers during the popular show "The Daily Download". Hasan took to the stage, and decided right then, to draw a line in the sand.

Hasan's weapon has always been "the Truth." His ability to wield it with uncompromising precision has catapulted him in to a global hip hop phenomenon. Hasan Salaam has accomplished more as an independent artist than many acts on major labels. He's performed live on national TV stations such as NBC, FUSE, CSPAN, and PBS. His music videos have caught the eyes of program directors and, as result, have been played by MTV UK, FUSE, Music Choice, and Video Music Box. Hasan's music paints vivid pictures of the commonalities that bind us: struggle, love, and pain. It's this ability, to touch people at their core, which has garnered Hasan a loyal fan base all over the world. His following has generated over a million plays on Myspace and Youtube alone. He's been featured in major media publications such as The Source Magazine (twice), The Village Voice, and The Washington Post. Nearly every hip hop site on the Internet has, at some point, done a feature on Hasan Salaam. Poised to keep the momentum going, Hasan is currently working on his most anticipated project to date, entitled "Life in Black and White" scheduled to be released in 2013. His goal remains the same, "to be a voice for the voiceless."

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Dynamic, soulful, experimental, and clever, all focused on the heart of a person. With an uncompromising message intertwined with hot rhythms and beats, Los Angeles based, Propaganda, lyrically puts together potent relevant music and poetry that reaches across the spectrum of youth and pop culture. Bringing with him years of classroom teaching and community service experience, he is eloquently bold in the message of each song and never shies away from a strong poetic element in his music. His subject matter ranges from staying accountable God as well as standing up boldly for one's faith both in word and in one's life. Not to mention aggressive battle rap and political awareness.

SHI 360
The New Strong; "No Haters" HipHop


Recognized as one of the first ground-breaking Israeli hip hop artists, Haifa born, Montreal raised, SHI 360 (born Shai Haddad) debuted as a conscious MC in the late 90′s, drawing both underground and commercial appeal. Starting off as an independent artist, his first album “Chapters” set him apart as a unique voice in the Montreal hip hop scene. Seminal on Israel’s hip hop scene, Shai released Israel’s first mixtape, leading the DJ hip hop scene and co-hosting Tel Aviv Radio’s Hip Hop Show “The Lab.” Following Sophomore and Junior album collaborations, his popularity led to selling platinum records and hit singles including “Kabel,” “Break the Silence,” “Home,” “Rak Benadam” and many more. SHI 360 quickly became a household name, launching his own record label while producing and managing several artists. 360 Music released hits including “Lo Ba Stam,” “Ani Ve At,” and “Baby” among others. Spreading unity and awareness through his music and tours worldwide, Shai has set himself apart as a compelling voice unafraid to challenge the mainstream media’s oftentimes distorted messages. Many of his songs emphasize a bold social and political message. Going by the credo “Don’t be afraid to think,” SHI 360 combines deft rhymes and fresh, genre-shifting beats. His diverse sounds stem from childhood exposure to diverse music genres by various artists.

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Reconcile was Born and raised in Ft. Myers - Florida, an area in which a football scholarship is deemed as a one-way ticket to a better life. He grew up in a working class single parent home with a lot of tough love. “I would jump fences to run sprints on the dimly lit high school field, stay late nights at the boys and girls club and stay after school in attempt to better my grades, I wanted out!”. “My father was broken from a divorce that devastated the little finances he had and left his heart shattered”. In the midst of self-inflicted consequences and a string of bad decisions Reconcile found himself in handcuffs, courtrooms, and on probation. He met youth pastor David Astrada who poured his time and the love of Christ into him. Rec says "As I began seeking a real relationship with the Lord instead of claiming that we're cool, my life started to change and the value of everything else in my life began to decrease as my yearning and passion to know and love Jesus more intimately began to increase. The gospel put my entire life into perspective…” Reconcile, now 23, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Sociology from Rice University, and is currently pursuing a Master of Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary. Reconcile is part of Full Ride Music Group, a label recently founded by “Thi’sl” and currently lives in Third Ward Houston, TX where he serves in his community and his church mentoring young adults and youth in various low economic areas in Houston.

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Rapper, singer, and record producer, Je’kob Washington was born in San Antonio, Texas, on June 16th, 1981. His father was a 20-year army veteran and auto-mechanic working hard most of the time, making sure the family had everything they needed. He was a sort of hustler by trait but he never seemed to miss one basketball game or school function. Je'Kob's mother took care of the kids making sure they were raised by their parents instead of the many emerging and available media outlets.

In 1999 Je’kob’s part-time family music group “Souljahz” got a chance to go overseas to Aachen Germany and record their first full length album with a young producer who they met through a family friend. As soon as they returned to the states their father took the finished album to the ASCAP offices. After a couple meetings they found themselves in the offices of Jimmy Iovine, the CEO of Interscope Records. The group received offers from several powerhouse labels including Interscope, Warner Bros. & Atlantic Records. In 2000, after lengthy negotiations, they ended up inking a deal with Warner Bros. There have been many glorious moments as there have been trials but Je'kob sums up his experience best in Dreams: "What you fight for is what you die for, and what you try for is what you cry for, but if you really want it, you will try more."

GIO PRIEST producer
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GIOPriest is a producer who is chopping his way into unique sounds & drum patterns of HIP HOP, R&B Soul and Gospel Rap. He's been producing for almost seven years. An active writer & poet, GIOPriest is a humble spirit who is surfacing into the mainstream bringing attention to his productions. Sounds which are often new to the ear are becoming more and more appealing to new and upcoming artists. Starting off with his instrumental promo on Youtube and soundcloud, GIOPriest is beginning with a new project introducing to the world a new but authentic sound into HIP HOP. Simply said, GIOPriest is a talented gifted freelance producer looking for a studio company to call home! He loves to see the smile on artist faces when they create magic out of his productions. GIOPriest is a fan of gospel hip hop, soul hip hop and many other different styles of music. He promotes those who create positive hip hop & who also have a positive outlook & vibe towards life. If you want to catch GIOPriest, you will always find him in the studio.

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Atlanta based emcee, JusThoughtZ is molded by New Jersey’s art scene and has a rich musical lineage embodied in his name, James Sims IV. His eclectic musical background inspired his critically well-received EP J.O.T.S. JusThoughtZ is currently preparing for commercial release of Break The Day. His creative ambition smoldering within, Sims says “A lot of the zeal for a better life came from my father who passed away a week before my 8th birthday.” A young JusThoughtZ was left with his father’s duffle bag full of tapes from Hip Hop’s pioneers. Albums from A Tribe Called Quest to Smif-N-Wessun became a portal to the roots of Hip Hop and ultimately his own. His father’s tapes and grandmother’s 2,000+ LP collection of gospel and early R&B sowed seeds for JusThoughtZ’ destiny. His first step was writing letters to heal the tension with his mother and the fatherless void that marked his childhood. After reciting poetry in a packed home studio full of varsity football players, JusThoughtZ faced a silent room full of glistening eyes. Norfolk producer MaddBeatz was at a lost for words, but he stumbled upon a memorable appellation: “He has an old soul. I’ma call you JusThoughtZ.” And Sims’ career came into being.

Since then, JusThoughtZ has established himself as a spiritually conscious lyricist who often captures thoughts and feelings most try to conceal. He’s made noteworthy appearances such as his poignant “HELP US!!!” feature on Jerrell Johnson’s breakout mixtape Dream S.O.D.A. (2012). A natural observer as an emcee and photographer, JusThoughtZ sums up his mission for his forthcoming album Break The Day in one profound statement: “I want to be like Jesus, and be completely human while fully acknowledging God’s presence within and without.” @IamOHGODINK

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Rapper/Activist (and Sociologist) AWKWORD is one of the “dope artists” putting New York City Hip Hop back on the map (DOPEMusikBlog.com) -- making “quality music that deserves to be heard” (Chuck D of Public Enemy). AWKWORD is also “the heart and soul” of World View, the first-ever 100% For-Charity Global Hip Hop Album. Hosted/presented by The DJ Booth (DJBooth.net and also sponsored by End of the Weak (EOW) and The Morgan Stanley Foundation, AWKWORD’s “highly anticipated LP World View” is designed to connect us worldwide through Hip Hop music & culture. World View features contributions from every continent, approximately 20 countries and every U.S. region. The album boasts production from Harry Fraud, Domingo and Numonics, and guess emCee appearances from Joell Ortiz, Sean Price, KRS-One, Slug (of Atmosphere) and more.

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In 2006, the group Souljahz re-emerged independently as The Washington Projects. They have released two albums, “Commanders Of The Resistance” in 2007, and “Light Up The Dark” in 2010, both of which garnered critical acclaim and rave reviews. Between 2006 and 2010 they toured nationally and internationally, traveling twice to war zones in Iraq to entertain the troops, as well as headlining a tour to Italy alongside The Nappy Roots. Recently, Je’kob signed with Seattle-based Save the City Records to release new material and make new appearances.

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Newark NJ, Brick City all day everyday! I was going heavy in the underground and on the battle scene. I popped up everywhere from the Lyrical showgun to the Lyrical combat to the EOW MC challenge of champions tv show to 106 and parks freestyle friday to MONDAY NITE FIGHT KLUB to Bizarre and Proof's(D12). Emcee battle in Detroit to the EOW international MC challenge held in SPAIN. I popped up on a couple DVD's...I worked with multi-platinum hit producers and was just a signiture away from a major label record deal... but the truth is the closer I got 2 this "dream" the further away I felt from God...especially 'cause I knew the Lord wasn't pleased with the evil music I was putting out...I was unsatisfied and unfulfilled.. I had no peace..I felt filthy..I knew I needed something more and a savior 2 cleanse me of this filth...and that's when Christ stepped in and stole my heart! Every accomplishment, every dollar made and all the respect I had earned meant nothing anymore next 2 having Jesus in my life!...I walked away from the music industry and gave my life 2 Christ...I put the mic down 4 a while but now I'm back 2 tell the world what the Lord has done in my life and what he can do in yours! ..I got an album on the way called THE GRAND ENTRANCE coming real soon.... thank you for taking the time to read this; GOD BLESS U.

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LORS's career began in mid 2004 with his need to make music through which people could hear God's word. A year later, Lors appeared on stage as part of a group called FACTS, and after one year writing and recording songs in this group, he left to pursue his solo career. Lors gathered a group of Christian artists to work in a production called the Price of Blood, calling his new partnering the UPPER ROOM, and bringing together the ministries of Noe (4-MC), Phillip and Vizkel (of Sion 07), Natan (of the Prophets) and himself. Throughout the special recording process, pure chemistry brought them all God's confirmation and a divine message they should make more albums and stay as a group, now known as the Upper Room. Having just finished recording his successful sample track Planet, Lors's latest album, the Great Awakening is hot on the Christian and crossover scene, releasing on iTUNES and elsewhere welcomed with an enormous love of God and expansive as his growing audience, filled with the message of awakening to God's grace.

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Enrique Nunez Manuel Espino, from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic is best known as RBK Rubinsky. From early childhood his parents recognized his gifts and formally educated RBK in the elemental Word of God. Rubinsky RBK has a wide-ranging gamut of music which celebrates Jesus Christ and God, the Father. He can spit straight-on 16 (in bilingual rhyme) but just as beautifully rap about lost love, or being found again by God's grace, compassion and forgiveness. He is one of the most diverse, talented Spanish (bi-lingual) rappers spitting the Gospel from his heart.

Enrique Núñez Manuel Espino, es mejor conocido como RBK Rubinsky. Nacido el 9 de mayo de 1990 en la ciudad de Santo Domingo, República Dominicana. Desde su más tierna infancia sus padres reconocieron su talento y RBK educación formal en la Palabra de Dios elemental. Rubinsky RBK cuenta con una amplia gama que va de su música que celebra Jesucristo y Dios, el Padre. Él puede escupir recta, el 16 en la rima bilingüe, pero igual de bonito rap sobre el amor perdido, se encontró de nuevo a través de la gracia de Dios, la compasión y el perdón. Él es uno de los más diversos, talentosos raperos españoles (bilingüe) escupiendo el Evangelio en su corazón.

Inspired by Basquiat, Banksy, Haring, Dali, Tanguy

Working in context of Lima Peru to limes and San Diego cervézas, Suigo is a Peruvian artist based in San Diego, California. I lived my whole life in Lima, Peru. Just a few months ago I moved to California and have been inspired by the strong, colorful landscapes that surround me every day.Most of my inspiration comes from my father, Carlos Revilla, one of Peru’s most famous artists and a good friend of Salvador Dali. I’m also inspired by: Jean-Michael Basquiat, Banksy, Keith Haring, Salvador Dali and Yves Tanguy.

Between paint, pastels, paint markers and spray paint, drastic shifts of style and technique take place in every canvas, paper or skateboard I paint on. My style can be categorized as naive, surreal, abstract and pop.