LOGOS Guildworks Fellowships

Wednesday, 08 December 2010 01:43


LOGOS GUILDWORKSoffers two fellowships, the Helen L. Burke virtual artists residencies and Monroe and Barbara Schlactus Gimilus Chassidim fellowship programs. Kindled by a call to artistic expression of Scripture, (within Abrahamic traditions) these fellowships propagate rich materials of the Hebrew bible and the Gospels through design/artworks/music/sculpture and short moving-image video, put into devotional and pastoral service for the continued life and shared gifts of the synagogue, churches and mosque as places to create, and contribute to vitally lived faith.

LOGOS GUILDWORKSis a new pastoral arts-worship ministry and faith-based arts-guild whose members are engaged in living the creative injunction of Genesis, Let us make man in our image. And of the Gospels In creating we are God's workmanship. LOGOS GUILDWORKS believes in elevating conversations about how we manifest creativity in God's kingdom, individually and communally seeking intimate and raw, re-formed and refined relationships to the Divine-evangelically, joyfully witnessing God's word and work in our world.

LOGOS GUILDWORKS also encourages creative voicing of the Gospel, asserting faith's substance through artistic means and dynamic conversation. LOGOS GUILDWORKS provides a virtual and real community where likeminded artists interested in contemporary faith-based issues may dialogue with each other, generate feedback and reflect on specific projects and concerns–finding and creating as the early churches did, community to share and experience God. Artworks created in the GUILDWORKS are comprised of both function and aesthetic. Being faith-based works they contain calling, spiritual resonance embodied within as they come to fruition Deo Gloria, for the glory of God–engendering the essential covenantal call to Abraham "L'chi lach lech l'cha vaderech" Go out from your country and kinsmen...you will be a blessing and in you all nations will be blessed, similarly holding Jesus' call to us to be Salt and Light.

For us in LOGOS GUILDWORKS this is our starting place–ground of being and tabernacle  משכן‎ mishkan (dwelling place of the Divine). Witnessing salt and light in lived faith we are individually and communally transformed in God and Christ, the Holy Spirit through God’s grace. LOGOS GUILDWORKS fellowships are shaped toward this joyful, transformative, invitational witness.

Creative and generative, pastorally cultivating worshipful communities we are also, mustard seeds in good soil, finding fertile ground worshipping with, while respectfully loving our neighbors as ourselves, mutually partaking of cultural and religious resources as fruits of the Spirit–offering gifts built of God for the people of God’s building(s).